Across A Millennium to Love You Chapter 15

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I think this novel has a great story. The FL is smart, calm and eloquent. Sadly, the translator stopped translating this novel a year ago. If you think this novel has a good potential, please pick up this novel. Thank you ^^

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However, he still can’t understand how his stupid third daughter told Sima Rui to sent Murong Xue back?! He knew that Murong Feng was not pampered, and Sima Rui had not stayed in the fourth prince’s mansion.

But, he just couldn’t say it. He always feel uncomfortable. Since Murong Feng woke up from a coma that day, she seemed to have changed into another person. He couldn’t say that something was wrong. He just felt that looking at his third daughter made him feel nervous for no reason.

Moreover, his third daughter has asked her eldest daughter to warn him about Murong Xue. If Murong Xue was sent back to Murong Fu in good condition, then he should never mention it again. Even if he is angry, he have to swallow it. Otherwise, he may ruin Murong Xue name. Although unwilling, he had to admit that Murong Feng was right and this is the only way.

Murong Qian saw that his father was angry and had to bear it. She immediately smiled and said: “the other day, my little sister had cold. So, she had a rest at home for a few days. These days, she said to my parents that she missed her brother-in-law and her sister. Coincidentally, my parents didn’t see me for many days, so they came to see me together. I’m also happy to take this opportunity to entertain my family and relieve the pain of longing. As for the third sister, I’m afraid she’s still on the way. She should be back soon. “

Sima Rui said, “Your family is interisting. Murong Feng felt cold before he married a few days ago. These days, your little sister also get  cold . So, who’s next?”

The Emperor looked at Murong Xue. She’s a lovely little girl. No wonder his fourth sons would be fascinated by her.

“Murong Aiqing , she really deserves the title of the most beautiful woman in Daxing Dynasty. Aiqing has this girl, that’s enough. Even I has to envy Aiqing, ha ha.” The Emperor smiled and looked at Murong Xue.

Murong Xue peeked at the Emperor. Although he is not that young, he is still look handsome. Compared with her brother-in-law, he much more admirable. Seeing the Emperor looking at her, Murong Xue could not help blushing.

When the Queen saw it, she was stunned, but she didn’t say anything.

This Murong Xue was originally beautiful. Today, she appears even more beautiful and moving. The Emperor can be regarded as a person sitting on the beauty of the world, so it’s not a good sign. Compared with Murong Feng, Murong Xue have some common means, which is not like Murong Feng’s who’s pure and have beautiful heart.

It’s strange to say this, although she only met her once, the Empress actually missed pure looking Murong Feng. No wonder that her mother-in-law would like her. In her mother-in-law’s eyes Murong Feng must be like Phoenix in her heart.

Right now, Murong Feng was tired to the point of weakness. It was good in ancient times, but the transportation was not convenient.

From one city to another, in her era, it took at least one day and one night by train and a few hours by plane .Actually this era is also very good. The scenery along the way is really good. The trees are tall and dense, the flowers are blooming beautifully, the fruits are lively, the people are simple, but the carriage is too tiring and boring.

Ten days out of the Palace, She met Sima Rui in the Drunken Flower Building a few days ago, and then she officially went out a few days later. At the beginning it was very interesting. She was sitting in a carriage, surrounded by expert, and served by Chun Liu. The scenery along the way was picturesque, and the local people were quite interesting. She was very happy, but a few days later, she was stunned by the word “Murong Feng”!. Later, after filling her Grandmother’s incense, she went straight to sleep to cope with the hard work of the journey, staying at the inn, on the way, staying at the inn, and went round and round.

Finally, the carriage stopped outside the fourth Prince’s mansion. Murong Feng stretched her waist in the carriage, lifted the curtain and got out of the carriage, walked into the fourth Prince’s mansion, saw everything, and felt a little happy.

“Chun Liu, tell people to close the door. No one is allowed to disclose the news of my return. I’ll take a hot bath and have a rest.” Murong Feng knew that the Empress Dowager would want to see her, but she had to clean up first.

Yan Yu is busy. Seeing Murong Feng coming back, she is really happy.

These days, the fourth princes seem to have been hit by evil. Although he don’t live here, he stay longer and longer. When he has a chance, he will ask, “has Murong Feng come back?” She don’t know what happened to him. Listening to his tone, he didn’t seem to miss Murong Feng, but he didn’t hide his expectation.

She didn’t understand, but she  didn’t dare to ask. Moreover, the Empress Dowager often sent Xiao De to ask if Murong Feng had come back. That concern was really sincere. She feel  happy for Murong Feng.

“Master, you are back. If you don’t come back, I’m afraid that the fourth princes will have the heart to kill this slave.” Yan Yu said with a smile, “every day, he asked when will you come back , this slaves afraid that soon  a cocoon will come from this slaves ears “

Murong Feng smiled, “I’m afraid it will biting my teeth. Yan Yu, if you want me to be happy, it’s better to talk about another topic.”

Yan Yu smiles. This Murong Feng is really an interesting person. No wonder the Empress Dowager likes her.

” The carriage is really unbearable ,” Murong Feng said after slipping into the hot water and sighing contentedly in the fog. “Ah, it’s better here. The golden nest and silver nest are not as good as their own grass nest. Ha ha , of course, this is not a grass nest. The carriage bumped all the way, and I was nearly broken up. It was really painful. Although the scenery is really beautiful, but the transportation is really primitive. “

Sitting comfortably in the hot water and enjoying the massage of Chun Liu, Murong Feng asked casually, “Yan Yu, what’s interesting in the mansion these days? Has anyone been here?”

“Yes, a few days ago, the eldest princess came to talk with the fourth prince. What’s interesting is that these days the fourth princes spend more time in the mansion than before, but his mood is not particularly good. Sometimes he will sit alone in the garden and daze. Then he will keep asking when will you come back. And Xiao De from the Empress Dowager’s side comes here almost every day to ask when you will come back, saying that the Empress Dowager misses you very much. ” Yan Yu said with a smile.

Murong Feng smiled a little. Depending on the situation, Murong Xue is OK. This Sima Rui is really not a bad person who is unforgiving. She’s afraid, because he can’t figure out who is Bai Min . So he wait for her to come back and ask her about Bai Min. Otherwise, Sima Rui will never care about her. Looking at Yan Yu, she said with a smile, “Yan Yu, I want to see Empress Dowager. Would you like to go with me ? Chun Liu, you are tired. So, take a rest. “

“Of course, master.” Yan Yu said happily.

Wang Bao looked around for a long time, but he didn’t find Sima Rui, the fourth prince. He went to all the places where the fourth Prince often went, but there was no sign of the fourth prince.

On the way back, he met a eunuch of the Eldest Prince’s mansion.He asked him unintentionally, and then he knew that his master was in the Eldest Prince’s mansion. He hurried to see Sima Rui. He didn’t need to speak. Sima Rui immediately came out of the Eldest Prince’s mansion and said, “the girl Murong Feng is back?”

“Yes, my Lord, princess has just come back. ——It’s not that she just came back. I have been looking for you for an hour or two. I think the princess has rested. She must be very sleepy all the way . ” Wang Bao is a bodyguard with a knife beside Sima Rui. He is also a eunuch, but he has an official position.

Sima Rui didn’t say much, he left the Eldest  Prince’s mansion with Wang Bao

Sima Rui is going crazy!

Note :

Aiqing : the way Emperor address his subject, usually high ranking official

Hopefully someone will pick up this story

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