Your Majesty Please Calm Down Chapter 47

All the confusion in Tian Qi’s mind ended at this moment. Now her mind is blank, just like a thousand miles of wasteland after a night of snow and wind. It’s lonely and vague.

Ji Heng had the opposite reaction. At the moment when he kissed Tian Qi, his pent up mood broke out, like a cloud wave clapping the sky, like a strong wind rolling the ground. Their lips touch each other, Ji Heng stop for a second, and then he opens his mouth, wraps Tian Qi’s lips and grinds them hard. He held her lips, stretched out the tip of his tongue and swept back and forth along the contour of her lips. The dry lips were soaked by his saliva, which made them soft, elastic and smooth. It has the most delicious taste in the world. Ji Heng was not satisfied. He stretched out his tongue again and rubbed against Tian Qi’s lips.

The slight pain when her lips were pressed hard made Tian Qi, who was as numb as a chicken, react a little and frown uncontrollably.

Ji Heng is dissatisfied with the other party’s lack of response. He bites Tian Qi’s upper lip.

Tian Qi was sore and humming, and she moaned lightly. Ji Heng’s heart beat has been disordered for a long time. Now he closes his eyes tightly. Hearing this moan, his whole body seems to be surging up and down in a heat wave, which makes the blood vessels on his forehead jump. He forced Tian Qi’s lips and teeth out, drove straight into his mouth.

Tian Qi originally had her lips and teeth in a half-scratched state because she had just finished talking. Now she was easily conquered by him. Ji Heng is as good as a fish in water. His flexible tongue sweeps along Tian Qi’s gum. He invades again and again, then stretches back to the center of her mouth and presses her tongue with the tip of his tongue. Tian Qi instinctively uses her tongue to push the foreign body out of her mouth. However, this action itself is a fatal provocation. Ji Heng deliberately bent his tongue upward, pointed the bottom of his tongue at Tian Qi, and felt the soft and fragrant tongue of Tian Qi pushing against the bottom of his tongue once and again. A feeling of numbness flowed from the bottom of his tongue to his heart, and then spread to all parts of his body.

What madness!

Ji Heng retreated a little. Tian Qi instinctively thought that she had driven him out, and his tongue stretched out for a while because her strength, but unexpectedly he invaded back again. He pinched her chin in one hand and forced her to open her mouth, and then he took the tip of her tongue and sucked it fiercely.

Tian Qi feels that her soul will be absorbed by him!

She finally recovered a little, and her mind drifted away again. Her brain went back to blank again. The arm she had just raised to push Ji Heng outwards had no strength at the moment. Instead, she unconsciously held Ji Heng’s chest. Even her legs were soft, unable to support her body. Standing, she slowly bent, and her body slipped down from the wall.

Ji Heng held her waist in time, and gradually tightened his arms, forcing her to be close to him.

Tian Qi feels as if she has become a face-to-face person. Her eyes widened at the moment, because they were so close that his face seemed a little fuzzy. She saw that his eyebrows were low and his eyes were closed. His long and dense lashes were like two clusters of thick green pine needles. She blinked and saw that the two clusters of pine needles were quivering slightly. Then her heart began to tremble. For a while, she was flustered, ashamed, perplexed, annoyed and at a loss. All kinds of feelings rushed into her heart, almost bursting her thin chest. She suddenly crazily wanted to end all this, so she did not hesitate to bite it down.

Ji Heng was sucking the tip of Tian Qi’s tongue. He felt that Tian Qi wanted to bite him. He quickly let her go and withdrew.

However, he retreated, but Tian Qi did not. Her teeth fell heavily on her tongue.


Sheng Anhuai, who is staying outside, heard a scream coming from inside after a long time. He could not help shaking his head. He wondered what they were playing, Your Majesty. What a pervert!

Tian Qi covered her mouth with her hands, and her tears almost fell.

It hurts!

Ji Heng realized what was going on. He felt distressed, worried, and funny. He gently pulled Tian Qi’s hand. “Let me see.”

. Tian Qi heard him say this, and tightened her hands.

Ji Heng said, “let go, I will do nothing.”

… I will never let  go!

Ji Heng must be frightened her, “if it bleed, you will die. Have you ever heard people biting their tongue to commit suicide? “

There is no more serious threat than life and death. Tian Qi resolutely loosens her hand and opens her mouth to show Ji Heng.

Ji Heng looked at Tian Qi’s mouth carefully. Fortunately, she didn’t bleed. He put down his mind, and looks at the tip of her tender tongue.

Tian Qi noticed the difference in Ji Heng’s eyes, and immediately covered her mouth and looked at him warily.

Ji Heng is also looking down at her. The original sick face has long been replaced by a pretty red face, with tears in both eyes, wide and round, like a small animal who has been bullied and dare not resist. Ji Heng’s heart has turned into spring water. He frowns and smiles, raises his finger and points at the back of her hand, which is in front of her mouth. He says, “Didn’t you want to be rude to me? Now you can do what you want to do? “

Tian Qi is ashamed and angry. In her life, she has talked a lot of nonsense, but she has never been like this. She would like to eat all the evil words she once said word by word.

Ji Heng no longer teases Tian Qi, but grabs her other hand. “Let’s go.”

Tian Qi is inexplicable. She pulls her hand back, but she can’t move it.

Sheng Anhuai saw the Emperor holding Tian Qi’s hand and coming out. He coughed and looked around. Fortunately, no one was there, “Your Majesty.”Sheng Anhuai only shouted, and his eyes deliberately stopped on the hands that held together. And he is the only one who knows these things

Ji Heng then let go of Tian Qi and looked at her sideways. He found that the little pervert was still shy. Ji Heng didn’t want to push her too hard, so he said, “go back first.”

“I’m going to sue you.”Tian Qi said  and turned away. Go for a few steps and run away.

Ji Heng stops to look at the back of her panic footsteps, smiling.

It was not until seeing Tian Qi’s back disappear that Ji Heng turned to the Qianqing palace. He went all the way to recollect the passionate kisses of the two just now, and thought that a thin heat had risen on her face, and her earlobes were light red. He thought again of Tian Qi’s shyness and fluster, and then he unconsciously smiled.

Sheng Anhuai is worried. Is The Emperor become stupid?

Soon his worries became a reality. The Emperor shook his head and lowered his head, stepped up the steps in front of the Qianqing palace, and then walked forward. With a “thump”, he hit the huge red column in front of the palace.

Sheng Anhuai: “well ” The Emperor was really stupid

The little eunuch guarding the door outside the Hall fell to his knees in fear.

Ji Heng doesn’t care. He just touches his forehead and turns around.

Sheng Anhuai: “well”


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