Your Majesty Please Calm Down Chapter 44

Your Majesty Please Calm Down Chapter 44

Tian Qi keep the promise. She tosses Wang Meng to Fang Jun’s house to see Fang’s mother. Wang Meng made a long speech, but none listen it.

Fang’s mother listened and said to her son, “this time the quack can really live in vain. “

Wang Meng didn’t take it seriously. He wrote a prescription on the spot and made a preliminary treatment plan. The plan is complex, including taking medicine, soaking feet with medicine, and inserting needles. Tian Qi suspects Wang Meng do it because he can’t figure out a way. He tries all the ways. Then she pulls him to the corner and asks, “can it be cured?”? “It’s a treatment involving thousands of liang of silver”.

“It’s not good,” said Wang Meng, who couldn’t fully explain himself. “I haven’t cured such a big symptom. I’ll try to cure it for half a year first, and it should make a difference. “

Then Tian Qi stopped saying anything. Because she was so friendly, the old lady liked it when she saw her. She kept on talking with Tian Qi. Praise Tian Qi for her kindness and scold his son for his failure. The old lady’s basic criterion for evaluating a man’s success is whether he has enough wives and children. Fang Jun is obviously unqualified in this respect, and can only listen to his mother’s scolding in silence.

Tian Qi then turned away and asked, “what is brother Fang doing before? “

“He used to fight and fight with people, but later he broke his mind and did some short work for people. “

Tian Qi thought to himself that Fang Jun was good at martial arts and was honest. He might as well go to Baohe shop and be a partner, a door god and a thug. He could also hold several positions. Thinking of this, she asked Fang Jun if he would like to go to Baohe shop to work. Fang Jun didn’t want to go, but his mother urged him, and he had to agree.

None of the parties expected that the decision would change the fate of many people.

Tian Qi has been out of the palace for many days. He has been dealing with Ji Zheng, Zheng Shaofeng and other people all day long. Tang Tianyuan has also joined their team. The four people have a good time together. However, they didn’t have much time, because Zheng Shaofeng and Tang Tianyuan are preparing for this year’s local examination. Tang Tianyuan is a man of his own. He doesn’t need to spend any effort. His efforts are devoted to how to supervise Zheng Shaofeng’s endorsement and writing. Tian Qi also made great efforts for their fame, mainly supporting them in spirit: threatening Zheng Shaofeng with the life of white thrush to study hard.

Zheng Shoufu also made substantial efforts for his son’s future. For example, once Zheng Shaofeng is lazy, the father will chase after him. However, Zheng Shoufu no longer spanks his son’s head, because the exam needs to use his brain, so he instead spanks his bottom.

Zheng Shaofeng is suffering. The only time to relax is to go out to play with them. It must be led by Tang Tianyuan, otherwise he can’t go out alone.

Since then, Zheng Shaofeng’s level of friendship has risen in a straight line. He wanted to give a nickname to the four of them, which was also frightening. Tian Qi also thought it was fun and agreed with both hands. But what’s the name?

“Or four talents? “Zheng Shaofeng suggested. As soon as he had finished speaking, the other three looked down. With Zheng Shaofeng in, the average talent level of this small group has plummeted, which should not be called.

“What about the four King Kong? “Asked Tian Qi.

Look at me. I’ll see you. You’re more red lipped than white lipped. You really can’t find any connection with the word “King Kong”. It goes without saying that Tian Qi and Jizheng, although Tang Tianyuan was aggressive, he was not heroic either. Among the four, Zheng Shaofeng is the closest to the word, but he has only a clear and profound facial features and doesn’t seem to have a King Kong Style shock effect.

“I think it’s more appropriate to call four little white faces,” joked Ji  Zheng. “I’m going to get involved with you as well. “

Tang Tianyuan asked, “how about calling four friends in the capital? “

Both Zheng Shaofeng and Tian Qi think the title is not good enough. Ji Zheng couldn’t think of a good one, and the act of naming has been so delayed. But unexpectedly, the four of them often swaggered around the market, which was very eye-catching. Gradually, they were given a name by others: the four princes of the capital.

The strength of the masses is great. Whether they agree or not, the name has to be accepted.

Four people bundling sales, more and more well-known. The four princes in the capital were born in a dignified and elegant background, with more and more admirers and followers. Many women also take the four princes of the capital city as their standard of mate selection. If the brothel women can get a little offended with such people, their value will skyrocket. It’s a pity that these four young men don’t like to hang out in Hualou. Even the most fashionable Zheng Shaofeng just calls the girls out to drink and gamble.

But it doesn’t matter. They can’t hook up or talk nonsense. For a while, this one said that it was against Tang Tianyuan’s poetry of the fourth princes. That one said that he had a night talk with Ning Wang Ye of the fourth princes, and even said that he would offer a cup of leather to Tian Wenhao of the fourth prince.

What is a toast? It’s mouth to mouth wine. As soon as Tian Qi heard this rumor, she was so scared that she had a nightmare that night. She dreamed that at night, an unknown gender was chasing after her to kiss her. She ran and ran, and then ran all night. She was tired of sleeping!

Don’t talk about it. Just talk about it. The four princes of Beijing are eating wine in a restaurant. This restaurant deals in Lingnan cuisine. Because there are not many Lingnan people in Beijing, and the local people are not suitable for this taste, the business of this restaurant has been tepid, but it have  decorate elegant and delicate dishes. Ji Zheng likes it here.

According to Zheng Shaofeng’s habit, it’s better to touch two horse tags at this time. But with the blessing of the other three, he was about to quit gambling. What do you mean to lose every bet? You only need to play cards with each of those three people, and you will have a profound experience. Zheng Shaofeng was abused by the three of them and gradually lost his fighting spirit. When he saw the horse tag, his heart ached. It’s all right if he doesn’t play.

You can’t play cards. It’s not fun just to drink and eat. You have to have fun. It was Zheng Shaofeng who asked a girl from the brothel to sing a ditty. When the girl was led upstairs by her friend, she met Sun Fan. It’s a coincidence. This girl is just the one of Sun Fan girl. The girl is not very good. Although she meets old customers, she is now called by the fourth princes, so she is a little cocky.

One of the four young men is Sun Fan’s enemy, the other is his father’s enemy son, the other is the supporter of his enemy, and the other is Zheng Shaofeng who once played with him but now he doesn’t care about him Such a combination has gathered all the people Sun Fan hates. Do you think he can be happy now.

The woman he slept with also carried by the four men to flatter.

Sun Fan looked behind him. He also brought a lot of people today. Among them, there are two young men from the family of martial generals. It’s better to go to Tian Qi for another time. He is not stupid. The other three can’t be offended. He just needs to chase Tian Qi to fight.

Thinking of this, Sun Fan followed the girl who sang the ditty to Yajian.

In Yajian, Tian Qi is encouraging Tang Tianyuan in a creative way. “Although your father is now overshadowed by Sun Congrui, it doesn’t matter. Your father’s son is much better than Sun Congrui’s. “

Tang Tianyuan smiled, “brother Tian” Then he raised his glass and dried it.

Tian Qi didn’t drink, and said, “the world says that Sun Congrui is honest and upright. I think he is the most hypocritical. “

“Oh? How do I say that? “

“He is not greedy himself, but his students are greedy. Qian sun, his student, is greedy for covet a lot of money in the salt law of Jiangxi Province? If Sun Congrui is really honest, why does he let his students get bigger and bigger regardless of his own management? I’ll tell you that he not only looks for fame, but also “

When she wanna say it, she was suddenly interrupted by an angry voice, “what do you say?! “

Sun Fan could no longer listen to this little eunuch’s slander on his father. He kicked open the door of Yajian and brought several people into the room. For a while, Yajian was in a state of tension.

Zheng Shaofeng was originally grumpy, and with the exam approaching, he was even more upset. When he encountered such a move, he thought it was the other party’s fault. He started before others could respond.

The scene just went out of control. Sun Fan wanted to catch up with Tian Qida, and Zheng Shaofeng stopped him to fight back. The other two young men, who were born in Jiangmen, were mixed with Sun Fan. When they saw a fight to fight, they didn’t want to fall, so they were involved. Some of the impulsive and aggressive people who followed, or those who relied on Sun’s family, and the family members Sun Fan brought with him, all joined in the excitement.

There were too many people in Yajian, so the battlefield gradually moved to the lobby. Tian Qi finds that she is the most useless one here. The men of the great Qi Dynasty paid attention to both culture and martial arts. Zheng Shaofeng didn’t have to say that Ji Zheng and Tang Tianyuan had some Kung Fu, and they were not embroidered pillows that could not be used. Tang Tianyuan, in particular, started Taiyin. She didn’t know from where he pick up a stick. Suddenly he swung it according to people’s joints and threw it down one by one. It seemed that he had a lot of combat experience. Originally, the gentle young man suddenly turned into a scoundrel.

Ji Zheng’s main focus is on Tian Qi. Tian Qi is protected by Ji Zheng. He is very sorry. He takes one or two shots. When she saw a man fall to the ground, she held up the stool and smashed it down. After smashing, she heard a scream from the other side. Tian Qi looked intently. It was Sun Fan who was lying on the ground. Now his face was pale and almost fainted with pain.

Several people hurriedly came to help Sun Fan away. Before he left, he didn’t forget to warn Tian Qi to die.

That’s the end of the fight. Tian Qi was worried. If Sun Fan had a good or bad idea, Sun Congrui ran to the emperor and told him, she might have to wait for death.

Ji Zheng comforted her and said, “it doesn’t matter. Just remember, I beat Sun Fan. “

Tian Qi hesitates. She isn’t a turtle with a shrunken head, should she really sticks out her head and gets cut off. The prince is the emperor’s brother. What can the emperor do about him?

At this time, the restaurant owner finally dared to show up and told several of them not to let go. His restaurant was ruined like this. The guests were scared away and asked how to do business. Ji Zheng is a reasonable one. He promised to pay compensation according to the price.

But the boss refused. “To be honest, I was in a hurry. Today, I finally asked someone to come to buy this place, but you scared the people away. He doesn’t buy it. Why don’t you buy it? “

They  have never encountered this kind of situation, and they have to buy restaurant. They didn’t know that the boss was originally from Lingnan. He opened this restaurant. Although the business was not prosperous, it was profitable. Just because there is something urgent to go back home, he can’t do it for a while, so he’s in a hurry. Originally, the location was good, but it happened that a few days ago, he met with a human life lawsuit in this restaurant, and it was hard to fight. As soon as the price dropped, someone finally agreed to come and have a look. But today there is fight, which made things worse.

The people who fighting are not ordinary ruffians. So the shopkeeper dare not say a word, he have to wait for the end before coming out.

Ji Zheng didn’t plan to buy a restaurant, but this place is in a good position. If we make a good change, we should only make money without compensation. He asked, “how much is your restaurant? “

“What I discussed with them is three thousand Liang. If you want to buy it, I will give you another five hundred Liang. “

The price was OK. Ji Zheng nodded and asked Tian Qi, “didn’t you say you wanted to find some other business outside the other day?”? “

“Ah? Oh “Tian Qi nodded. She did say that, but now all she was thinking about was what to do with Sun Congrui’s complaint.

“Why don’t you buy it? We won’t have to spend money on dinner in the future. “Zheng Shaofeng suggested.

Tian Qi nodded again foolishly.

So she bought a restaurant in such a muddle  head.

In the afternoon, Tian Qi went to Baohe shop in the palace. She sells antiques in Baohe shop. She wants to run in and out of the palace. Even if she has nothing to do in the palace, she needs to go to the palace regularly.

Baohe shop is located in the two slide houses on the north side of the East six palaces. On the west side of the two slide houses, there is a small door leading to the imperial garden. This is the place where eunuchs concentrate on business affairs. Few lords come here. Tian Qi never thought that she would meet the emperor here.

Ji Heng himself can’t imagine how he walked in the imperial garden and passed by. He came here by accident and saw Tian Qi by accident.

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  1. Ji Zheng is a major problem.He has had the good fortune of a sweet taste of honey and he will not just let go.Just like his brother he is enchanted by Tian Qi. And he has decided to try and make a life with TianQi away from others eyes.
    Thank you for this novel’s translation.


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